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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Top Secret

The holiday weekend is over and it marks the end of summer for most of us. My grandchildren start school today. Spoke with them last night to wish them all luck. Got to hear about the outfits everyone had chosen for the first day, they are just so much fun. I just love that they enjoy sharing their thoughts with me. I had to work Saturday and Sunday, so no barbecues or anything much fun for us, sigh. I was supposed to work on Monday, but there were extra nurses so I volunteered to be the one to go home. Came home and crawled back into bed! I cannot tell you how good that felt, ahhhhhhh.
I have been busy, busy, busy. So much to do and the clock is ticking down. The Make Mine Pink Retreat is in 2 more weeks, September 19-21. We are going to be having a pink T-shirt and pink sneaker contest. Each of the MMP members has to 'bling' up these items for a contest our fearless leader, Joyce Lucas, has dreamed up. When it comes to having fun, these Pinkies sure know how to get into it. So, part of this week's projects will be my blinging projects. The important project for the next two weeks is my entry for the Business Recognition Award. The prize is simpy phenomenal, (worth about $4000!). The winner will be in a feature ad in a major magazine, the winner's boutique will get 6 spotlight ads in major magazines, the winning display will be photographed by a professional photographer (wow) and then last but not least the winner will have an hour's consultation with a PR expert. This is some serious exposure for the lucky winner. So that's why I am feeling so much pressure to get this done well. Sure do wish I had some experience in this type of display work!This sure is a Launch to Remember. There is some major competition, many of the MMP ladies are exceptional at setting up displays and have had some experience at other shows and conferences. (Are my nerves showing???) So, to make up for no photos of my top secret projects, how about an idea to make a pomander for Christmas. This is a nice project to do with children, not too terribly messy, just messy enough to be great fun!
To make CITRUS POMANDER BALLS you will need about a quart of citrus peels. I just save them in a Ziploc in the freezer until I have enough. Get as much of the pith (the white stuff) off the rinds as you can. Put the rinds in a food processor and process until finely chopped. To this add about 1/2 cup of ground cinnamon, about 1/4 cup of ground cloves and pulse in processor until well blended. If this is too dry to hold its shape when rolled like a meatball add a few drops of glycerin at a time until it will hold its shape. You may also use 1/4 cup of ground orris root which is a fixative and will help retain the scent of the pomanders for a very long time. Roll approximately one tablespoon of this mixture between the palms of your hands to make a ball. Place formed balls on a waxed paper lined cookies sheet, not touching, and let them dry for at least a week and a half, two or three weeks is better. These are brown when finished (due to the spices). They smell heavenly. I have a bowl full in my kitchen all the time. Just be careful, these are not edible and I cannot tell you how many people have grabbed one to take a bite, thinking they are meatballs. Have fun! I like them just set in a bowl, but they are very pretty on the Christmas tree if you wrap them in a square of organza in the color of your choice and tie with a pretty ribbon. (If you don't want to do this yourself, they will be available on my website in a week or so.)


Lisa McDonald said...

Pat ~

Thank you so much for that lovely recipe. I can't wait to give it a try. I have never made my own pomander! Will let you know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Well, we cut up an orange and a grapefruit every morning for breakfast so I coulf do this!
Susan *dutchrose*

Susan - InHerOwnWords said...

Pat thanks for the recipe. Perfect timing for the upcoming holiday season!

Enjoyed your comments about your Grandchildren. Don't you just LOVE them!!!

SoCal Helene said...

Hi Pat,
The pomander balls sounds heavenly, whish we had “smell vision” …….Take a big deep breath and have fun with the display, you can do it girl!!!
Have a great week!
;o) Helene

gail said...

Hi Pat,,, I love the smell of anyting citrus. Orange scents are my favorite. Thanks for sharing your receipe. I may have to visit your site for these. Have a great day,, cant wait to meet you!
luv,g ail