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Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July

Here we are, the Fourth of July. Hope eveyone is having a wonderful, safe holiday weekend. Take a minute to say a prayer for all the servicemen and women who have in the past and are now keeping us safe in this wonderful country of ours.
In trying to reclaim gardens after several years of neglect, I managed to grab a handful of poison ivy and am now nursing two hands that are very swollen, red and itchy. I have whipped up a concoction of jojoba oil, lavender, rosemary, tea tree and the itching is come under control! Of course, jewelweed is the best antidote for poison ivy but I am all out and cannot find any at the moment. It's not where I left it a few years ago! If you happen to have some in your area, it is a wonderful antidote for poison ivy. It's also very pretty and it's kind of fun the way the seeds shoot out of the pods--they shoot out over a few feet if you just barely touch them! Here's a picture in case you have need of this remedy!

You can take the leaves and rub on the rash or you can make a 'tea' of the leaves and stems by boiling in water, then freezing the tea in ice cube trays and storing in a plastic bag for later use. Isn't it amazing that something so simple works so well? Have a wonderful week,