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Monday, December 29, 2008

Show and Tell Monday, 12/29/08

New Years has always been a bittersweet holiday for me. Nostalgia for the year past, hopes and dreams for the year to come. I've never been much for making New Year resolutions, more of an attitude to try and carry with me for the coming year.

This year has been quite eventful for me. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." On reflection, the good has far outweighed the not so good. I have had dreams realized and dreams crushed, but have come through standing upright with a whole lot of help from my friends and family.

I found Make Mine Pink this year, started my Little Pink Boutique which quickly expanded to include a website and a blog. I never would have thought all this possible last January. It has become so much a part of my life, I cannot believe I have been in the Pinkdom for less than a year. Have made some of the most amazing friends along the way, women who truly are like sisters to me.

I've learned a lot about computers and finding my way around, become a social media maven when I had never heard of the word a year ago. Have joined several different networks to get my name out there -Victorian Heart Shoppes, The Raven and The Rose, The Twisted Sisterhood, Kitty Kitty at ning, Etsy, Twitter. I cannot believe it as I write this.

I blog regularly and have met some of the most talented women all over the world. New doors have certainly opened and I have had so much fun walking on through.
You all that have become a part of my life over this past year, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of yours as well. To all my family and friends who have been so supportive to me throughout my new adventure, and through everything else in my world, thank you as well. I love you all and my New Year outlook will be An Attitude of Gratitude.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Meaning of That Silly Song!

I received an email with the explanation of the Twelve Days of Christmas song. Sounds as plausible as any!

There is one Christmas Carol that has always baffled us. What in the world do leaping lords, French hens, Swimming swans, and especially the partridge who won't come out of the pear tree have to do with Christmas?
From 1558 until 1829, Roman Catholics in England were not permitted to practice their faith openly. Someone during that era wrote this carol as a catechism song for young Catholics. It has two levels of meaning: the surface meaning plus a hidden meaning known only to members of their church. Each element in the carol has a code word for a religious reality which the children could remember.
-The partridge in a pear tree was Jesus Christ.
-Two turtle doves were the Old and New Testaments.

-Three French hens stood for faith, hope and love.

-The four calling birds were the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John.

-The five golden rings recalled the Torah or Law, the first five books of the Old Testament.

-The six geese a-laying stood for the six days of creation.

-Seven swans a-swimming represented the sevenfold gifts of the Holy Spirit--Prophesy, Serving, Teaching, Exhortation, Contribution, Leadership and Mercy.

-The eight maids a-milking were the eight beatitudes.

-Nine ladies dancing were the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit--Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control.

-The ten lords a-leaping were the ten commandments.

-The eleven pipers piping stood for the eleven faithful disciples.

-The twelve drummers drumming symbolized the twelve points of belief in the Apostles' Creed.

So there is your history for today. This knowledge was shared with me and I found it interesting and enlightening and now you know how that strange song became a Christmas Carol...so pass it on if you wish. 'Merry (Twelve Days of) Christmas Everyone

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pink Friday-12/12/08

It's Friday again! I'm not quite sure where this week went. It has flown by so fast, when my husband said it was Thursday at dinner time I assured him it was Wednesday. Ooops! So then, tomorrow is Pink Friday! (actually, today, just looked at the clock) We are not doing a theme like we normally do. There will be products to buy but Make Mine Pink Boutiques are going to share some decorating and gift wrapping tips!
Now you have seen the shops before, do I have to tell you that some of these ladies are just unbelievable in how they can wrap a gift (I do not claim to have this talent) and the peeks I have had of the decorating in their homes is beyond belief. (they sometimes put photos on our forums to share). In fact, one of our ladies, Cathy Scalise, is so talented that her home was featured in a national magazine, several page spread PLUS the cover. So please do go visit www.makeminepink.com and check out what the wonderful boutiques are offering as tips. This should be a fun day.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pink Friday - 12/05/008

We are coming down to the wire for shopping on the internet! Can you believe how fast time is flying? The crowds up here, even in my rural area, are horrific. You cannot get through the mall area for beans! Every time I have to go to that area to take my hubby to doctor or dialysis, there's an accident. I am so not a crowd person and traffic makes me shake. I like click and shop, thank you very much!
The theme for this week's Make Mine Pink Pink Friday is Last Minute Gifts. Don't miss out on the special sales, I have marked down selected items 15%, there are a few new items, and have I got the answer for that person who has everything! Check out our brand new Potpourri Club. Receive a generous portion of high quality Patricia Rose Potpourri every other month in a vintage or themed container. Check out the website for more details,
Here is one of the new items, a fragranced silk covered 100 page journal, 5inches by 7 inches. The twist is the fragrance. There is beautiful lavender buds in between the batting to keep your journal fragranced for years. If the fragrance starts to fade, just squeeze a bit and the fragrance is refreshed. Lavender is the most amazing fragrant herb! (Edited to say, Blogger is acting up and will not let me load a picture, please check out the website, sorry)
Now, as promised, here is a cookie recipe from my family's repertoire. It is old fashioned, but buttery and yummy. It would simply not be Christmas for us if these cookies did not make an appearance. We call them, so aptly and imaginatively,
Christmas Cookies
1-1/2 cups flour
2 tsp. baking powder
3/4 cup soft butter (unsalted)
1 cup sugar
4 egg yolks
1 tsp. vanilla
1 tbl. Cinnamon
3/4 cup finely chopped walnuts
candied red cherries
a few extra tbl. sugar in a saucer
Sift together first three ingredients. Then mix butter with rest until fluffy. (this used to be done by hand, feel free to use mixer unless you want the workout!). Then add in flour mixture. Form dough into 1-inch balls (I use the large end of a melon baller to measure out the dough)
In a small dish, mix the Cinnamon and walnuts. Roll each ball in mixture to coat.
(Okay, here's the tricky part that the grandchildren love to do) Take a drinking glass, wrap a napkin or piece of muslin which has been moistened with water over bottom and up sides of glass. This can be held in place with an elastic band or just hold it in place while you use it. Place a few tablespoons of sugar in a saucer, dip bottom of fabric covered glass into the sugar and flatted the cookie dough balls to about a quarter to an eight of an inch thick. Take the candied cherries and cut in half, gently press one half a cherry into center of each cookie. Bake for 11 minutes ,or until edges just start to turn golden, at 350 degrees. Cool on rack.
Hope you enjoy our family recipe.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Show and Tell Monday, 12/1/08

Today is going to be a tell, not a show. I have a lot of news I would like to share with everyone.

First, our dear friend, mentor, Mama Bear and founder of Make Mine Pink, Joyce Lucas is going through a really difficult time right now. Her dear husband, affectionately known as Papa Bear by us Pinkies, is in the hospital following a heart attack. Please will everyone keep them in your prayers. These are such good people, they need to be buoyed up by all right now. Heavens knows, they are always the cheerleaders for all at Make Mine Pink. More than that, they feel like family.

Second, I won a wonderful promotion contest over at The Twisted Sisterhood! I have been given nearly their whole home page. There's a slide show and a bio. How cool is this?? Please take a visit over to see these zany ladies at http://www.thetwistedsisterhood.com/
Third, my sons are volunteer firefighters in our town, Bullville. So of course, firemen being as crazy as they are, their monthly newsletter is The Bull Sheet. This month there is a story I would like to share, it's a bit long, but I think we should all know and pass this on--and I quote:
Subject: Sears and Christmas Shopping
Christmas shopping has already started. I know I needed this reminder since Sears isn't always my first choice. Amazing when you think of how long the war has lasted and they haven't withdrawn from their commitment. Could we each buy at least one thing at Sears this year?
How does Sears treat is employees who are called up for military duty? By law, they are required to hold their jobs open and available, but nothing more. Usually, people take a big pay cut and lose benefits as a result of being called up.
Sears is voluntarily paying the difference in salaries and maintaining all benefits, including medical insurance and bonus programs, for all called up reservist employees for up to two years.
I submit that Sears is an exemplary corporate citizen and should be recognized for its contribution. I suggest we all shop at Sears, and be sure to find a manager to tell them why we are there so the company gets the positive reinforcement it well deserves.
Pass it on.
Decided to check this before I sent it forward. So I sent the following email to the Sears Customer Service Department: I received this email and I would like to know if it is true. If it is, the Internet may have just become one very good source of advertisement for your company. I know I would go out of my way to buy products from Sears instead of another store for a like item, even if it's cheaper at that store.
This is their answer to my email: Dear Customer: Thank you for contacting Sears. The information is factual. We appreciate your positive feedback. Sears regards service to our country as one of the greatest sacrifices our young men and women can make. We are happy to do our part to lessen the burden they bear at this time. Bill Thorn, Sears Customer Care, webcenter@sears.com, 1-800-349-4358.
Please pass this on to all your friends. Sears needs to be recognized for this outstanding contribution and we need to show them as Americans we do appreciate what they are doing for our military!!!
**end quote**
We hear enough bad about the retail giants (albeit, well deserved), this is something really good that I think we should applaud (IMHO).

In celebration of my winning the promotion at The Twisted Sisterhood, I have developed a fabric (silk) covered journal with potpourri permanently in the covers. This will be introduced on my website on Wednesday, 12/3/08. Make sure you check it out. I finished tweaking the prototype and am very happy with the results. Wait until you see!

Don't forget to go shop through the Make Mine Pink Holiday Bazaar Catalog from the Boutiques at Make Mine Pink. This is so gorgeous, you just have to see it.

Sorry I was so long winded today, just one of those days with a lot to share.