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Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11/08 - Tomorrow is Pink Friday

Cannot not let today go past without mentioning that I remember. The number of people affected by 9/11 seven years ago is so large up here in our little corner of the world. We have become a little bedroom county of NYC. So many people commute from up here to the city everyday to work that I would venture to say no one in Orange County didn't know someone or of someone that was killed that day. My prayers to the families who are left without a loved one and must have this brought to the forefront annually, to those that were injured, both physically and emotionally, to those that helped and carry those memories of what they saw that day and the days following, to those who have been brave enough to go back there and carry on the routines of daily life, to the firefighters who have the courage to continue doing their job, to those who continue to thumb their nose at the terrorists and their backers by flying our flag proving that the United States can be hurt but we cannot be beaten.
There is no segway back to every day life after this,
just a reminder that tomorrow in Pink Friday, our theme this week is Harvest Home. Please come and check the shops who are participating. They are all listed and linked on the Make Mine Pink website for your convenience. Hope to see you there.

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