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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pink Friday-Romantic Bed and Bath

Well, it's Friday and as you all know by now, it's Pink Friday. This week's theme is Romantic Bed and Bath--sounds a tad risque, don't you think?? We have had a good time over at Make Mine Pink preparing for this one. It's truly amazing how many of us are geared in that direction, makes you wonder. This week I've added some mineral salts from the Dead Sea mixed with sweet almond oil--yumm. I read somewhere that sweet almond oil is what Jackie O used on her skin, heavens knows her skin was gorgeous. This is so good for your skin, just have to find the time to soak for 15 minutes or so (which always seems to be my problem).
Then there are some lovely herbal bath sachets, also incredibly good for your skin. Can you tell I've always had problems with my skin in the winter. I see fall heading our way and it's skin care, skin care, skin care. As always, the products are all natural, dry skin is sensitive.
Have a wonderful time shopping the Pink Boutiques at Make Mine Pink. Click on the Pink Friday icon and it will take you to all the participating boutiques. Sit back in your jammies, have a nice cuppa, and revel in all the luxuries being offered for Pink Friday.

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Unknown said...

Hi Pat!

Hope you are enjoying the weekend! I am so looking forward to the fall and the holidays. It's such a wonderful time of the year. And I love Pink Fridays! lol
Enjoy your weekend pinkie!
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