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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What a Marvelous Weekend

Have arrived back home from the Make Mine Pink First Annual Retreat. I left with a bit of trepidation. Contrary to popular belief, I am a rather shy person. It was a huge step for me to leave my responsibilities behind and take the few days for just me.
My first stop on Thursday night was at the home of another 'Pinkie', Carolyn. We have only known each other for a few months of posting on the forum and, more recently, a few phone calls. She had already picked up another member, Gail, at the airport. This sweet lady opened her home to two virtual strangers. The most amazing thing happened, there was no awkwardness at all. The three of us had a lovely dinner with the three of us and Carolyn's Mom who is another sweetheart. We stayed up for a little while chatting and laughing before heading to bed so we would be bright-eyed and bushy tailed for our early start to Williamsburg, VA, Friday morning. We didn't get out quite as early as we had hoped, but off we set on our adventure.
We had many laughs because we were using a GPS. None of us had ever used one before so it was quite comical to have 'Lola' talking to us all along the route. Being she had such alot to say, my backup navigator decided to get her dressed in pink-a lovely pink floral paper hat and a huge ribbon of tulle and pink polka dotted ribbon. This was quite the dashboard ornament.
We arrived in Williamsburg and so began our whirlwind weekend.
We went up to the Make Mine Pink Hospitality Suite to meet any members who were up there. From the moment we saw each other, there was an amazing feeling of comraderie and, again, no awkwardness. Everyone I met was just as I expected them to be. There is no facades on our forums, these women are just the same in person as they are in print! We had a few hours before the official Meet and Greet so the three of us went to take in some of the sights of Colonial Williamsburg. What an awesome place! I just loved it. We had lunch at an authentic colonial tavern and then wandered the street and shops for a short while. The sense of history surrounding you is great. I could just move in to one of those colonial houses and be happy as a clam (if I could have indoor plumbing and central A/C). What a fun way to be able to live.
The Meet and Greet was so much fun. A buffet table of all types of pastries, puddings, cobblers, brownies--you name it! Then back to the Hospitality Suite for some more laughter and gabbing. Even the keynote speaker for Saturday's seminars joined in the fun (Lena West who was such a fun person. I am so glad I got to meet her).
We headed to bed later than we should have but found it hard to tear away from all these fun people. Saturday morning rolled around a bit quickly. Back to the Hospitality Suite at 7 AM for coffee and... We then went to the hotel's conference center for our day of information overload. The speakers were experts in their fields and I learned so much to help my business. I have pages and pages of notes that I will be poring over for the next few weeks. Every two hours, our fearless leader, Joyce, had planned a break with some scrumptious something to sustain us. Morning break was coffee and warm apple turnovers (my personal favorite), Lunch was a fun Pink (of course) Bag Lunch, delicious, afternoon break, chocolate brownies and ice cream.
As soon as the seminars were over, it was time to get the BRA entries out and set up (Business Recognition Award). I cannot believe the talent that was in that room. These displays were spectacular. As gorgeous as everyone's products look on line, it doesn't hold a candle to what we were treated to that night. I am so proud to be a member of this group. And then on to the Pink Gala. We had dinner, of course, then the Pink Bingo game, then the Pink t-shirt and tennis shoe competition. We had so many laughs over this. I believe the winner, Inka, must be several inches shorter after wearing her blinged up shirt-I believe someone said the shirt weighed 35 pounds!! She was done up as a flamingo just too funny.
The business Recognition Award was won by a very sweet lady, Eileen. What a chance of a lifetime the prize is. A ton of advertising, professional photos of her products and a consultation with a PR firm--WOW! Then came the daunting project of dismantling and packing the displays. This was one tired bunch of women, let me tell you!
Sunday morning, back to the Hospitality Suite for our last coffee chat together in person. Joyce, her husband, two of her darling daughters, the adorable granddaughter, Lily, Joyce's sister Wands were there to bid us farewell.
This was a truly life changing weekend. I have come back home so ready to take me business up to the next level

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Deb said...

Hi Pat.....what a great time all of you had! I can't wait to meet everyone at the CL Event. :)

Pink hugs,