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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Well, Life Got In The Way

I really was going to do the blog challenge, honest I was, but life got in the way. Hubs had a very bad time of it and has spent the last six days in the CCU at the local hospital. He is improving and is now on a regular floor as of yesterday. So between working and running to the hospital, writing was the last thing on my mind.
Yesterday, the weather was perfect, my mind was settled a bit knowing hubs was stable and I started a project. You mean any normal person wouldn't do that? Hmmmmmm..........
Well, I did it anyway and had a lot of fun! The essential oils are out, my house smells wonderful and I will have something new for everyone very soon! Watch out, world, I'm back ! (I hope)
Edited to add - there is a great contest going on at Mama's Pocketbook's blog. The chance to design your dream purse AND have it made up by Diane, purse maker extrordinaire! http://www.mamaspocketbook.blogspot.com
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