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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Show and Tell Sunday Night! 2/22/09

After a few weeks of missing Show and Tell, I have an exciting new product to show off. I have become a distributor for AmuletLife. These are such pretty amulets made of natural semi-precious stones which have been carefully chosen for the health benefits they are believed to impart to the wearer. In addition to the benefit of the power of the stones, there is a tiny reservoir to place a few drops of essential oil into with a wick/stopper. This is your personal aromatherapy 24/7! Think of the possibilities. Have a business meeting you want to be very alert for, a few drops of clary sage essential oil will do the trick. High stress? Try a few drops of lavender essential oil in your amulet. Have a stuffy nose? How about a few drops of eucalyptus oil to keep your head clear. Need to get over that nasty late afternoon slump? Lemon essential oil will do the trick. Do you have a favorite blend of oils that just transports you to a tranquil place, put it in your amulet. These amulets are so unique there is a patent pending on them.
These have been put onto my website and I would love to have you come visit to see them http://www.patriciarose-apotpourri.com/shopping/amulets/page_1.aspx .
Each amulet comes with 3 wicks so you can change the oils as you wish. The oils will be available this coming week in small vials. Hope you enjoy these as much as I am.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

French Country Farmhouse

This week's Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink is themed French Country Farmhouse. At first it seemed like it would be such a stretch. But a little investigative work later, it seems that this is a timeless style that many of us follow without even knowing. This style is about bringing the outside in -now don't we all adore fresh flowers all throughout the house. Mixing our old treasured heirlooms with new, beautiful natural fabrics, wire baskets, baskets in general, lace toile - doesn't this sound like home or someplace we would feel at home? So come join us for some fun adventures through the French countryside as we explore French Country Farmhouse style the Make Mine Pink way! Please visit us on Pink Friday.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The One World One Heart Drawing is now over. Thank you all who participated. This was a lot of fun. I will be back again next year. Have found so many websites to go and explore. This will take the whole year, I am sure!

The winner of the potpourri and sachet is number 42, Jeri of Light My Torch. Congratulations, I hope you enjoy the potpourri.

Pink Friday, 2/13/09 - Shades of Rose

Shades of Rose - Why does this title keep a song from the Little Rascals going through my head? Remember Alfalfa singing to Darla, "The object of my affections, turns my complexion from pink to rosy red.......". Such silliness pops into my thoughts some times. At any rate, the Shades of Rose is the theme for this weeks Pink Friday. Pink, roses - how gorgeous will the boutiques be this week? There are sure some wonderful themes this year, you're not going to want to miss these. Patricia Rose will be rolling out some new items for this weeks theme, how could I not? So that's the business news for the moment. Of, course, I have something tucked up my sleeve that will be coming along in a short time that I am super excited about, you're going to have to stay tuned.

Here it is, February, and I don't believe I have told you what the Herb of the Year is. Drum roll, please------Bay Laurel. Now here's an herb that not every one is familiar with or uses regularly. A bay leaf thrown into your pot roast, stew, or soup gives a really yummy flavor. Give it a try, you may find something new here that helps us all cut down on that demon, salt. Using herbs is a great way to add loads of flavor, some extra vitamins and reduce the need for salt to enhance flavor. Bay leaf is also a great crafting item, the beautiful leaves make terrific wreathes - I keep one in the kitchen. It looks pretty bedraggled after a while because I keep stealing the leaves for cooking, but easily replaced. Just take a wreath form and take these gorgeous leaves all going in one direction and either wire them on, if it's strictly ornamental, break out the glue gun. I keep mine on the tiny side and use a styrofoam plate. Cut a hole in the middle, cut the outside edge down to the size you want and the end of the leave just pokes into the styrofoam. Goes with any decor depending on what you tie on it. Raffia is very country, lace for the romantic home, ribbon for the cottage look. Make it your own, let your imagination go. I will have to make a new one to show you a picture. As I said, mine look a little moth eaten after a month or so - I use it a lot. I'll post some more about bay in the days to come.