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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Is Here

These weeks are just flying by and here we are-Memorial Day weekend, the official start of summer time fun. This is always a bit melancholy for me thinking about all the servicemen in the past and all the young men and women who are out there right this minute as we have our barbecues. Many of my family have served, many of my high school friends served and so many of my children's friends are in the service of our country right now, my prayers and gratitude for them and their comrades that they stay safe through whatever they are facing right now. To all of you here at home, please have a safe weekend with the driving and fun times.
This week at Patricia Rose, have a few frilly and fancy things coming out. This week's Make Mine Pink Friday theme is Girly Finds. Can you imagine what we will see in the boutiques this week? Should be pretty awesome. Here is what I'm working on, in various stages of undone. Will be all pulled together by Friday, make sure to stop back and see what femininity shows up here!

Plans are already afoot for the Christmas in July Shop Hop. You know how much fun these are and what amazing prizes are available to be won. Mark your calendars, don't forget, see the logo off to the right? Just click right on there and it will take you to the Shop Hop Page to see the doings.
I showed you a few weeks ago the large doe that was coming in for coffee every morning. She had disappeared for about a week, then came back again but was very cautious and stayed close to the woods line. Well, look who has finally made an appearance! The picture is not very good but this little one moves so fast, there's no time for a redo. The fawn pops out, Mama makes a strange sound, stamps a foot and baby scampers back into hiding.
Have a wonderful week. It's a short one anyway, makes the weekend that much closer.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Tisket, A Tasket, Take a Look At This Basket!

I went to my future daughter in laws wedding shower on Saturday. We had a lovely day to travel and the trip was beautiful but a bit long due to traffic. My daughter, daughter in law, two granddaughters and myself were at the event. Just wanted to show you what I did up for a gift.
Each glass is a different flower, I used small doilies which can be used as coasters to pad between the glasses and beneath them all is a really nice bottle of wine! With the glasses having different flowers on each, no need for wine glass charms. I have not had luck with those, they always break or get lost! The glasses were a hit. I even got several orders for them while at the shower. Good thing I never leave home without my business cards, lol! If you would like a basket of glasses as a gift, just let me know. I can't ship the wine though, there are regulations about shipping alcohol that I just don't know about. It was fun to be dabbling in my paints again. I haven't done much painting outside of walls for quite awhile. Hmmmm, maybe a few flowers at chair rail height in the kitchen. What do you think?
Sunday we are going to a Christening for the cutest little new neighbor. She is the sweetest, happiest baby and her parents are pretty special too. It is fun to see the younger generation coming into the neighborhood. Keeps everything lively and fun. Hope to be able to take this little bundle of sweetness for a walk now and then this summer.
Have a wonderful week all,

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some New Visitors to the Garden!

Had a good chuckle this morning over coffee. Watching out the window by my new 'office' space (read nook) in the kitchen, there are two baby groundhogs cavorting around and being just silly little toddlers. I will probably not be so benevolent about them when they start eating the garden, but on this gorgeous Sunday morning, they make me smile. I have been trying to get a photo of them but they are very camera shy (or maybe people shy). So, I guess Super Chuck was actually Super Charlene! The other happy news from the back yard is I do believe I have a bluebird making her nest in one of our bluebird boxes! I love when they come back, they are the most amazing shade of blue. Will steer clear of that corner for a bit and let Mama bird relax and get her brood going. Wish I could let the ducks continue to have fun in the pool, but this is really going over the top and taking advantage of our hospitality, lol! They are just going to have to move across the street to the pond.
I know I keep saying this, but the kitchen is quite nearly done. This week for absolute sure! I am just loving the new look, and can see what it will be now. What a huge difference! Just what I needed. So in spite of all the work, I'm glad I tackled this project! I feel so competent that I pulled this off with just a bit of help from my taller than me son!
We had a wonder Pink Twilight Sale last night at Make Mine Pink. This is a sale held every third Saturday of the month. What great bargains, but, man, you have to move fast! I tried for two different batches of vintage buttons and they were gone before I could get them clicked! Watch for the announcements for June's sale. It is really fun and fast paced. New things are added from 6PM until midnight, you just never know what will show up next.
The theme for this coming week's Make Mine Pink Friday Sale is Teatime and Roses. There are sure some marvelous themes this year. I'm enjoying each and every one of them. Be sure to check in on Friday, 12AM to Midnight (Eastern Time).
I do believe that is the news for today. Have a wonderful week,

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Progress is Being Made!

Hi Friends,
I was overly optimistic when I thought I would be able to get my kitchen redone in a week. The wallpaper is coming off in confetti sized pieces - what a mess. Now at the two week mark, I think some major progress is being made. One of my son's has pitched in and is scraping the areas that I can't reach without a ladder, thank heavens. So here are a few pictures of what is happening here.......
back door with it's new coat of white enamel, see the window on the right with the old paint? That's the old wall paper on the walls. Loved it, but now it's just too dark. I need some light now.

Here's one of the windows with it's new white enamel finish, but still, the old wallpaper!!Here's the back door with the white woodwork and the first coat of my new yellow walls - love it!Here's my son, Mike, scraping the wall areas that are too high for me.

here's the mess on the floor that all the scraping is leaving!

Look at the size of the pieces--arghhh! Surely could use a cleaning crew here.

So this is my all consuming project, I cannot stand the chaos any longer. At least I can now see some light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, by next week, I may have some after photos that show the finished room (cross your fingers for me).

Did everyone have fun at the Mother's Day Shop Hop? I have to run over and see if any of my customers have won, is it you???? It was a fun week, I really enjoy the Shop Hops. It was fun to see the excitement and see what all the boutiques had put on special for Mother's Day.

Don't miss this week's Make Mine Pink Friday. The theme is Color Me Pink. Well, do I have to tell you that this is going to be spectacular? I'll see you there in the race to get the best pink treasures.

Have a wonderful spring time week. I really need to get out to the gardens as soon as this kitchen is done, they are being terribly neglected. See you soon,