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Monday, September 29, 2008

Show and Tell Monday, 9/29/30

My computer fizzled yesterday morning and nothing I did could revive my internet connection. After an hour or so with the techie, I'm finally up and running. Such a rainy and dreary weekend, I decided to attempt a new technique. Now, understand, I am not a quilter. I had seen a really nice book cover a while ago and thought I would attempt one. Step one was cut your fabric into various sized strips - deep breath. Okay, I did it. Now sew one strip at a time onto a base of batting. So, there I was zipping right along when I took a look at this new (?) fabric I was creating. I am here to tell you--just because you like a bunch of fabrics, doesn't mean they are going to look good together. I'm not exactly sure what it is I have created, a new dust cloth maybe. I've got it, a moving blanket for a doll house. So here for Show and Tell is one of my great ideas run amok! They can't all be brilliant.


Anonymous said...

Do a pale tea dye,Pat...cut into circles...fill with lavender and wholesale 'em to moi` ~ no one will be the wiser! LOL~
Susan *dutchrose*

Lisa McDonald said...


Hey, now I don't feel so alone. Susan is right though, they would make sweet lavender sachets.


Cottage Flair said...

Too funny Pat. I like Susan idea. Every project can be saved or replanned.

Brown Bee Studio said...

Pat, I don't see a thing wrong with your creation, and we all have to start somewhere and learn somehow! This would be great as a little altered quilt creation...use it as a foundation, add embroidery and applique and a little beading and maybe some sequins and trim....you'll be surprised at the beauty that leaps out! xoxoxo Andie

Inka Smith said...

Some good ideas Pat. Also you could use it as a scented hot pad and fill with some of your goodie scents. I love the look myself.

Unknown said...

Huh? It looks fine to me! I like both the hotpad and the sachet ideas (if you decide to ditch the quilt thing).

Susie said...

Hi Pat! I think it came out lovely. I like Susan's idea. You are using imagination and creativity. You go girl!
Susie of The Polka Dot Rose

Unknown said...

Hi Pat!

Susan has a great idea. Definitely do sachets filled with lavender. Love the smell of lavender! You made me laugh about the two little mini lip pillows! No need to confess! If anything I am so glad you liked them and that your granddaughters will enjoy them.
You are one sweet pinkie! Have a great week!
Janet's Creative Pillows

Shabby Shan said...

Susan has a great idea. You could also fill with lavender and use it as a potholder.

Have a nice week!

Lilli Blue said...

Ithink it would make a sweet dream pillow. Fill with battting and put a lavender pocket on it. draem Pillows give you sweeet smelling dreams. I think the fabrics look good together. That took a lot of work, a creative new idea is n the way! Lilli

Noelle Garrett Designs said...

Pat, I think there are some great ideas here. Not all of our projects can be perfect, but you might be able to transform it into something else!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

ohh Pat you should see some of my creations gone a bit , ummm awry !

I love those colors...