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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Show and Tell-A Day Early - 9/7/08

Have lots of things to tell you about today. First off, we have been going through some difficult times up here. On a particularly bleak day, I opened up on the private Make Mine Pink forums that I had been really down. Well, aside from the usual support (which is the norm at Make Mine Pink) within the week, some beautiful angels began showing up in my mailbox. They have been coming a few a day every since. The return addresses are all from Angel of Hope and all over the country. One was so funny, from Angel in Training! To whoever the angel is who started this thank you, you have made a big difference in our lives. There is comfort to be had knowing complete strangers will take a bit of time from their own busy lives to send a prayer and a bit of hope. To all of you Angels of Hope, thank you. I sincerely hope some of you see this post and pass it on to all your sister angels.

On a less serious note, I have had some incredible luck with the 'Curbside Boutique', or my son has anyway. I have gotten 2 tables that are really cute. One is a little beat and needs some major TLC and a face lift. The other may be a good table. The wood looks like tiger maple and I think it might be fairly old. My antique friends (hmm, that didn't come out right, I, of course, mean those who deal in antiques) might be able to tell me a bit about it. I have several photos of that one to let you check out.This, of course, is the one in need of a major make over. but I think it may be cute when done. Next comes the one that seriously intrigues me. My son found this for me on a roadside up in Vermont. Makes me want to move up there just for trash day!

Table top

Table legs

table top tilted up-see the catch that holds it. So, what do you think? I'm thinking that little pedestal might be for a candle stick to sit upon. Good Vermont trash?


Cottage Flair said...

It is so wonderful that you are receiving all of those lovely angels to brighten your days. What a fantastic thing for people to do.
I love your curb trash. I am guilty of pulling over often. Friday night my son had me pull over to rescue three drums and I got a wonderful old galvanized tub. Be sure to post photos of your makeovers.

Lilli Blue said...

Pat you ARE an angel that is why they are flying to you all the time. They are your people.
You supported me at the begining of my LPB and you have kept me going along the way.
I am inspired by your courage and the way you just keep moving forward.
You are shopping at my favorite store! I love the table. Can't wait to see what you do with it. love, Lilli

Inka Smith said...

You are truly a blessed woman!!! Love your tables too. Hang in there, you are loved.

Carolee Crafts said...

Hi Pat

Good find in the tables and those angels would brighten any day, what a lovely idea.

gail said...

Hi Pat,,, I love hearing your angel story...So awesome!!! I carry my angel you gave me for our secret sister everyday. I love her. Your curbside treasures are great. I cant wait to see them done. Keep us posted. I sure hope everything is going well this week..luv, gail

cathy said...

Pat, you are very lucky that you have so many people who care about you when things are rough!
I think both of those tables are pretty cool.I can see promise in the first one.

Lisa McDonald said...

Pat ~

The angels are amazing. The table are wonderful, I just love curb side shopping.


Bake Me A Cake! said...

I LOVE the angels! They are beautiful.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Hey Pat,
Glad you are receiving a little bit of sunshine in your day. Love your curbside find! Can't wait to see the makeover.

Unknown said...

Hi Pat!

Awww...how very sweet of those angels that sent you angels to brighten your days. It goes to show you how much people can really care and you may not realize it. I just love those tables! What a great find and I can't wait to see how you transform them. I have a chair that need TLC and hope to do that soon. Loved your Show and Tell Pat. Hope the days ahead are full of sunshine and roses!
Janet's Creative Pillows

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Oh Pat how wonderful ! I am happy you are getting angels and blessings.

You got two great tables too. The round one is a tilt top tea table? I would love to have one of those!


Anonymous said...

I emailed you, Pat!! Great trash finds though! WOW!
Susan *dutchrose*

Noelle Garrett Designs said...

Pat that is so wonderful that you are being sent all those angels. You deserve them. On another note, your curbside finds are lovely. Isn't it fun to rescue something! Have a great week.

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Pat - enjoy the angels and have fun with those tables too!

Brown Bee Studio said...

Pat, you are simply attracting angels because you ARE an angel! =0] You're such a blessing, and I'm so thankful for you. Both of your little tables are fantastic, but I'm partial to the first one. I can't wait to see the results after you sprinkle your angel dust on it. I'd also like to know more about the second one. That little latch has piqued my curiosity for certain! Luvins! xoxo

Angel Heart Designs said...

Hi! Pat...I missed your post on the MMP forum,, I would ve sent one too! What a great little story..I love that! Love your table too!