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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pink Friday-10/24/08-Coming Up Roses

Tomorrow is the big day, Coming Up Roses. There has been such a buzz about this theme, so I don't think you will want to miss it. It is one of the MMP Boutique's favorites, as well as a favorite amongst our customers. There should be an amazing array to browse through. With the cold weather we've been having in the Northeast, it should warm us up a bit to look at everyone's favorite flower.

The venerable rose is an amazing thing. It speaks of romance and love, ahhh, don't you just feel all warm and fuzzy? But in addition to it's romantic history, the rose is an all around useful flower. What can be created with roses is truly awe inspiring.

The rose is edible and quite good. Rose jelly is a delicacy you have to try (I suggest on homemade scones), rose vinegar is just yummy, it can also be found in teas and sandwiches (now how elegant is that?).

A beautiful touch for your next gathering or shower is to place a rose petal in your ice cubes. Fill ice cube trays halfway with water and freeze. When frozen, place a single perfect rose petal -must be pesticide free-and fill the rest of the way with water. Freeze again. There you have it, the lowly ice cube has just hit new heights!

And who hasn't had perfumes or powders or cold creams or lotions or potions fragranced and enriched with rose oil? Even our grammies knew the value of this amazing rose. Glycerin and rose water was the standard hand treatment to keep hands soft and, supposedly, age spot free.

Where would Valentine Day be without the rose? Very few weddings are held where the venerable rose is not present. Any special occasion, bring roses, you simply can't go wrong!

And then, near and dear to my heart, what would potpourri be without roses? It is one of the mainstays of my craft. In colonial and Victorian times, every housewife worth her salt had a 'rose jar' in the parlor or best room. After the sweeping and cleaning were completed, the jar was opened and stirred to freshen up the air. Remember, this is when fresh air was thought to be harmful, the houses and rooms were not aired out as we do in modern day. This was quite an important item to have in the home. In addition, sachets and pomanders were used to help control odors in the household. I'm thinking I am so glad that deodorant has been invented-just saying. Love my potpourris and sachets, but that must have been some under note to the fragrance.

And then, last but not least, the rose is our national flower. So, it would be the patriotic thing to do to come visit us on Pink Friday! Keep smiling, see you tomorrow at Patricia Rose.


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