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Thursday, October 16, 2008

In The Hope Chest, Pink Friday, 10/17/08

This Friday, 10/17/08, the Make Mine Pink Pink Friday theme is "In The Hope Chest". That conjures up so many wonderful thoughts to me. There is something hopelessly romantic about a hope chest.
A young girl's hope chest is full of her dreams of the future. Putting away precious items for the day she has a place of her own. In days gone by, as girls were learning to sew and embroider, each project was tucked away in the hope chest to be used when she married. All the linens for a household were carefully hand made and took years to accumulate--no Target for them! Each hand towel and bed sheet were carefully stitched, a tiny bit of embroidery to make each item special.
Those of us who have reached the age when we have our households, the hope chest takes on the role of saving precious memories- The baby shoes, the christening dresses, the first lock of hair from each child, the prom pictures of our children, the diplomas, their wedding photos, the precious memories of our parents and grandparents.
No matter what role it is serving now, the hope chest is a wonderful tradition. Wouldn't it be fun to start hope chests for your own daughters, grandaughters, god children, nieces?
Please come visit at Make Mine Pink, www.makeminepink.com, to visit all the participating boutiques and share what we envision can be saved in the hope chest of today. Make the tradition of yesteryear relevant once again. We cannot have too much romance in our lives.

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