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Monday, October 6, 2008

JDRF Walk for the Cure - October 19, 2008

In my tiredness last night, I neglected to add the JDRF links, here you go:

URL: http://walk.jdrf.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=extranet.personalpage&confirmid=87017764

Remember, these kids have a life threatening disease. Here are just a few facts that make me want to work ever harder for this cause:

Do you realize that a child with Type 1 Diabetes will be stuck with a needle more than 4000 times a year? If they are fortunate enough to be able to get the new insulin pump (as my grandson is), the number drops to 'only' 1825 times a year (minimum).

Did you know why they encourage children to draw blood for testing their blood sugar from their arms? It's so they have feeling in their fingers in the event they go blind, a common complication with diabetes, so they will be able to read braille.

Did you know that Type 1 diabetes is thought to be an autoimmune disease? The pancreas is not making insulin which is why it is life threatening. They can start throwing ketones overnight and if not brought under immediate control will result in hospitalization. This is different from Type II in that, Type II diabetes is caused by worn out insulin receptors. The insulin is there but the body cannot use it effectively. It can be kept in control with diet and exercise, and usually an oral medication. It can progress to insulin dependence if sugars and carbohydrates are not kept under control.

Did you know that a stomach virus or the flu can be a life threatening disease to a Type 1 diabetic? More than 24 hours of vomiting and it's a hospitalization.

When you are looking at these precious kids being so responsible about what they eat and how they exercise, it breaks your heart (mine anyway) that this must always be on their minds. They will never get a day off, no drug free holidays for them.

So, once again, if you can find it in your heart to donate to the Walk for the Cure, follow the link above. My family and I and all the Justin's Jungle Joggers will be forever grateful.



Cottage Flair said...

Wow Pat,
I never knew all of those facts. It's great that you are so involved. I will check out the links as well.

Debbie said...

Hi Patricia ~
As an RN, I work with a lot of elderly patients with diabetes. Many of them have these complications that you speak of. It is sad to think that little children have to worry about things such as this. Thank you for bringing attention to this issue.
Debbie ~ Rosehill Studio

Silena said...

Hi Patricia,
Diabetes is very difficult for adults....I can't even imagine how awful it must be for children who have to cope with all the nuances of growing up and have to deal with diabetes. Thank you for your insights!!

Nancy at ManicForMosaics said...

Thanks for giving us the straight facts Pat! People who aren't affected by a disease have no idea about these kinds of things. You are wonderful to earn money for this deserving cause.

Unknown said...

Thanks for leaving a post on my homemade vanilla, but don't worry, mold won't grow in vodka and the beans never get below the liquid. I've never had a bad batch! Hope this helps?