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Monday, April 14, 2008

Show and Tell Monday

Show and Tell Monday

Show and Tell Monday Sorry, folks--am having a dickens of a time with this!At Make Mine Pink, we have started a new event, Show and Tell Monday. We show what we have been working on and get a glimpse of people's workrooms and new projects, the new finds from buying trips. It will hopefully be an enjoyable way to share and become more and more part of each others success. I have attempted to get some pictures of my projects for the week. If they show up here, Picture 1 is the top of a "Makedo". It is a very fancy, Victorian style pincushion and hand embroidered with silk ribbon and embroidery floss. Picture 2 is the muslin base for a heat/cold pack which will be filled with lavender and flaxseed. These can be stored in the freezer in a plastic bag for a cold pack or microwaved for a heat pack. This one fits around your neck--heaven is! Each pillow will come with a removeable cotton cover. The cover is washable, not the herb pack. The next picture is of Eye Pillows also filled with lavender and flaxseed. Relieves eyestrain (from all this computer work), headaches, stress and is said to aid insomnia. And just because it works so very hard for me, a picture of my sewing machine. So those are the projects that will be finished today and posted in my Little Pink Boutique and website. Everyone have a wonderful, productive week--Pat

P.S. I can't seem to get the photos on here. I know it's something silly, my pink sisters will get me straightened out, I'm sure! The photos ended up way at the bottom of all the posts, so please do scroll down and take a peek--aren't you glad I haven't been here long, there's only a couple.


Lisa McDonald said...


You are one talented lady. I love the pincushion and who could resist lavender.

Hope your having a fantastic day.


Georgia said...

I so envy anyone with the talent and know-how to sew!! I should have listened and learned when my Mom tried to teach me!

PINK hugs!
Grandma G's

Finding Grace, Going Mobile said...

Soon you will be doing all the computer stuff just like you do sachet's: Beautifully. I know how it is, I am having to learn every day. It's the hardest work we have ever loved. Right?
Theresa @ Cottage Violets

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Love those eye pillows you are making Patricia! I used to take yoga and the instructor would give us those to use at the end of each class and I always fell asleep! I couldn't help it, I was so relaxed!

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

The eye pillows sound wonderful! Can't wait to see more projects!

Trisha said...

Keep the faith. It all seems so overwhelming in the beginning (and it is) but you will be and old hand at it in no time!

gail said...

Hi Pat, I know you will get your pictures in soon. It took me forever! But its worth the effort. I love your line. I really like the idea of the nect pillow. I always have a pain in my neck. (no pun intended!lol) Keep up the good work, its beautiful,,,,gail

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Patricia,

I like seeing your work in progress. It is so exciting seeing the pillows coming along nicely. Have a great week ahead.

Pei Li

Eileen & Karen said...

Nice job Pat! Your pincushion is great!
Forget Me Not Dreams