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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Make Mine Pink Shop Hop

As of midnight tonight, the Make Mine Pink Shop Hop takes off. Go to the Make Mine Pink website to see the wonderful prizes. Visit the participating boutiques websites and find the shopping bags. Click on the bag and it will register that you found the bag for that particular shop. Just like the scavenger hunts we had as kids! I'm sorry, my shop will not be involved until tomorrow afternoon, so sorry for any inconvenience. This is due to my severe lack of computer savvy! I'll get it figured out soon (I hope). Several of us at Make Mine Pink are in the same dilemma and have a brilliant friend there, Sharon of C'Est Chouette has bailed me out and gotten my shopping bag set up for me! Please do visit her website and find her shopping bag. She runs a 'vintage needlepoint rescue' and makes the most beautiful tuffets out of them! Do try and visit as many of the shops as you can, you will not believe how many talented people are gathered in this one site!
I will post in another day or so--there are lots of fun activites during the week ahead!


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