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Thursday, April 17, 2008


I have spent the better part of a day trying to get my website in order, to no avail. To relax, I went to visit a blog of one of the Make Mine Pink Boutiques, tried to leave a comment and, for some unknown reason, my password is not working. Either this has been the mid-life moment of all time, or the entire computer kingdom in falling down around our ears! Hmmmm, wonder which that could be????

Please go check out my Little Pink Boutique, though. I posted some eye pillows which are really great for headaches and eyestrain! Also, I finally completed a "Makedo". This is a Victorian pincushion, embellished with silk ribbon embroidery. My interpretation of this is filled with over a half pound of rosemary! Purported to keep your needles sharp and clean. Go take a peek, I'm very proud of that. I had seen one several year ago and have been wanting to get one made--tada!-finally did it.

We have had the most spectacular weather for the past 2 days, this time of year just makes you happy to be alive. I was able to get some pictures retaken for my Little Pink boutique at Make Mine Pink, and am going to try to learn how to resize them for my website--now doesn't that sound promising?

Make Mine Pink in having a special contest for Mother's Day, a May Shop Hop. Participating boutiques will be hiding a shopping bag on their websites-that's the picture you see in the upper right of this post (this one doesn't count, just showing you what to look for)-you absolutely have to go over and search out the shopping bags--Good Luck All! Great Prizes!

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Anonymous said...

Your 'Makedo' is stunning!!~S