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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Show and Tell Monday 5/4/09

This is mostly a tell week. The camera has been sitting idle due to some family problems that have arisen. But at any rate, have I got a lot to tell you anyway. Today is the start of the Make Mine Pink Shop Hop and will run all week. Visit http://www.makeminepink.com/ for registration and then start finding those shopping bags. Wonderful prizes as always, and no purchase necessary for oodles of fun. Please do browse the shops as you go through, though. Even if you can't purchase now, bookmark your favorites for a latter shopping trip. Sorry, everyone- I have tried several times to get the Shop Hop Logo on here and Blogger is having issues again! Check out Make Mine Pink.
Spring is here and violet season is upon us. Found a nice recipe for Violet Jelly from my friends at Prarieland Herbs. Here is the link for the recipe, this looks like jars of amethysts -
http://prairielandherbs.com/violetjelly.htm. It's easy and people will think you are so clever!
You can also candy violets. This recipe comes from The Joy of Cooking. Dissolve and cook over low heat until clear 1/2 cup water and 1 cup sugar. Cool slightly and add 4 teaspoons gum arabic. Blend thoroughly and chill. Chill flowers as well. Dip each flower into solution. Run your fingers over each petal to make a smooth, thin coating. Make sure it is completely covered (any uncovered spots will turn brown). Place on a rack to dry. Turn the flowers over after 12 hours. When they are completely dry you can store them in air tight containers. Have fun! These are so pretty, decorate cupcakes with them.
Now all this talk of violets has me wanting some. May have to go pick some by moonlight. It's still May Day and the violets are full of magic today.
It has been suggested that I incorporate what my family has come to call Bridgie-isms into my blog periodically. This past week was a doozie! Bridgie is 6 years old and on the town track team. She had her very first race this past weekend. So there is this little pint of peanuts on the starting blocks, bang goes the gun, whooooosh go all the racers and then comes Bridgie, jogging along, smiling at the crowd, a wave here and there. After the race, her Mom congratulated her on such a good try even though she came in last. Then my daughter asked her if she was feeling okay being it appeared she was only jogging and we all know how much faster than that she can run. Well, calm as can be, Bridgie looks up at her Mom and says, "Well, yeah, but if I win they make me run another race." Can you just feel the love of this sport coming from this girl?


Nancy said...

I just love Bridgie~isms! That little on just cracks me up.
Huggs, Nancy

Unknown said...

Pat I just adore Violets. Thank you for your recipes. Mine are already done blooming - darn it. But I'll keep them for next year! Or you could sell me some if you do a big batch. You have the most wonderful things. Thank you for your blog,Tedi www.PetiteBookstore.com/blog

gail said...

OMG,,, laughing here! Out of the mouth of babes! My grand daughter Mya seems to have her own language and we say she is speaking Myanese. lol Love grandkids :)
Pat, I have been thinking of you all week. I wish I were there to give you a big old hug, but know that if you need anything I can do, please let me know... hugs, gail

Carolee Crafts said...

I always look forward to your S & T and this week you have not disappointed. Love the sound of the violet jam, my mouth is watering already.

Anonymous said...

I have violets everywhere!! Neat!
And I love idea of having to run another race if you win...but, hey, she's right!!!

Patty said...

Yummy, violet jam. I absolutely love violets, I have african violets on me kitchen window. I will say prayers for your family.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Oh the things kiddo's will say. Tooo darn funny!
Thinking of you my friend.
bunny hugs,

Susie said...

Hi Pat! Violets are one of my very favorites too. I get so excited seeing their little faces pop out in the Spring.
Great show and tell.
The Polka Dot Rose

Janet L Christian said...

Pat -- i loved it. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Ohh Bridgie is my kinda gal ! I think we are related I do.

LOVE the violet recipes. A sweet friend from England sent me a box of violet chocolates....mmmmmmmm.


Unknown said...

Hi Pat!

Love the recipe. And I also love violets. I need to try this recipe. Love all the things you create. Your in my prayers. Things will get better. Just hang in there and keep the faith. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed your Show and Tell.

Janets Creative Pillows

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Very cut Bridgie story! And yes Pat, I'm sorry but if Il Divo is in town - I'm there!