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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Romantic Roses for Pink Friday, 5/15/09

Pink Friday's theme of Romantic Roses has the Pink Boutiques all atwitter! Everyone loves roses. They touch a chord in every one's heart. The beautiful rose speaks of friendship, caring, romance. I think most every woman remembers the first time she received a bouquet of roses. Roses make the most mundane, special. The scent of roses can be musky and sensual, or spicy and invigorating. No matter which kind you like, there is always a rose or two in every household. The beautiful hankies from your Grandmother often were embellished with roses, the special vase from your wedding, a pretty little tray for your dresser - roses peek out and make us smile. Who has ever started a garden and not had the dream of a beautiful heirloom rose blooming in June? And, so I invite you to come visit us on Pink Friday to see where the Boutiques have added roses. There may be just that special touch you need in your bedroom, or the perfect gift that will say how much you care for a special relative or friend.

Now, speaking of caring, I have to mention again the Hope Chest Project we have undertaken at Make Mine Pink in cooperation with Enchanted Makeovers. We are trying very hard to get together enough to donate 20 hope chests to a women's shelter. The women who arrive there come nearly empty handed. It is our hope to have a chest at the foot of each of the 20 beds for these women to store their clothing and belongings. We have 7 more hope chests to come up with! If you could open your hearts and donate anything at all to this project, it will make such a huge difference in the lives of these women who need our help. There is a widget on the right side of this blog to make a donation. Every dollar counts, if you can afford a few dollars, that would be terrific. We have a deadline we are trying to meet in just 2 weeks, June 1. Please give us a hand with this worthy project. Go to http://www.enchantedmakeovers.org/ to read about this worthy organization.

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