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Monday, November 17, 2008

Work in Progress, 11/16/08

I have had a nice peaceful weekend stitching on something new. It is one of my refound loves. Silk ribbon embroidery is one of my favorite things. I love looking at it and I love working with it. The silk gives everything such wonderful dimension. The technique is something you can spend a life time learning more about, but even us rank amatuers can enjoy it and end up with some really beautiful results. Combine the technique with some of the most beautiful patterns I have ever had the privilege of working on and this is what you get .........................

This is a pattern from Ribbonsmythe for Victorian letters. They are the most beautiful, in my opinion, ever. The story goes that Victoria Brown was inspired by a book from 1729 with a floral alphabet and came home to design this fabulous Victorian alphabet based on that early book.

I have a few more stitches to finish up on this and it will turn into a fabulous pillow for a lucky someone.

I have been busy looking over my wares and trying to decide which item to offer for the Holiday Bazaar Catalog at Make Mine Pink. Any ideas are welcome--the deadline is Tuesday at noon--yikes! Nothing like coming right down to the wire. Stay tuned for more information about the Holiday Bazaar. This is going to be like nothing you have seen on the internet before --this is huge I tell you, in the words of our fearless leader, Joyce Lucas, at Make Mine Pink. Gotta love her!

I put up a new product this week. Tangerine/Orange Spice Balls--these smell so good. It is a perfect kitchen fragrance, just be careful where you leave them. You will find them on my website under Herb and Posies Potpourri. I have had several people come in and take a bite out of one thinking it was a famous Mama Morello Meatball. The young men that come through my kitchen are like locusts at times. I had an adorable cupcake soap from Savon Marie that one of these chuckleheads tried to eat, guess that will teach him to ask first!

Have a wonderful week all, be back midweek with more news about the Bazaar.


cathy said...

That has to be the most beautiful needlework I think Ive ever seen! I love that it's an initial. That would make a special gift for someone.

Pink Princess said...

Pretty, and it is MY initial, lol.

Hugs from Marian/Dutchy from MJF

Lisa McDonald said...


Wow! Your stitching is amazing!

That design is gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

I love the ribbon embroidery! I always buy the Victorian pieces when I see them...
Susan *dutchrose*

Marie said...

Hi Pat,
Your ribbom embrodery is beautiful. I am a cross stitcher, and I used to see ribbon embrodery designs in my xstitch magazines. It always looked gorgeous but so difficult. You really have a talent.

Cottage Flair said...

OH MY GOSH! That is the most beautiful thing! I have always admired silk ribbon embroidery but have never attempted it. (it's a patience thing). I even bought a how to book once. Your work is exquisite!sp?
I am having a hard time deciding what to put in the Holiday Bazaar as well. Good luck!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Oh Pat, I have done some ribbon embroidery but nothing as beautiful as that !
That will be a wonderful treasure for some lucky person.


gail said...

Wow, your ribbon work is beautiful. I have several books on it,and I need to get back into it as well. That will be a beautiful pillow. Please keep us posted. Have a great week...gail

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Pat I just love that embroidery! Just gorgeous!
Email me your mailing address. I have two boxes of trims and fabrics ready to be mailed to you!

Carolyn Kocman said...

that is gorgeous, pat....just stunning. you are multi-talented. you go, girl!!!!

so glad that you put those fragrance balls up on your site. i know they will sell right out!!!!

and thank you muchly for your comment on my blog. you are sweet.

Noelle Garrett Designs said...

Pat that amazing! I don't know if I would have the patience for it. You are such a talent.

Julia said...

Beautiful, your ribbon work is beautiful.
I love SRE, so romantic and Victorian.
Hugs Julia

Deb said...

Hi Pat.....your silk ribbon embroidery is absolutely gorgeous! I can see why you enjoy working with it so much. :)

Pink hugs,

Silena said...

Hi Pat,
Beautiful, beautiful! Your ribbon embroidery is so delicate and the colors so vivid. Will definitely make someone very happy. I love to embroider but have difficulty finding the time. It is, for sure, a peaceful way to spend the time!! Thanks for showing us your handiwork!!!!

Fifi Flowers said...

WOW... that's a lot of work and it's BEAUTIFUL!!!
ENJOY your day!