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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Missed Show and Tell---ARGHH

Well, this has definitely been an all star week. Missed Show and Tell Monday, here it is Wednesday night to boot! Found a fun treasure this week, found it in a new shop close by--This is a silk throw/shawl with really sumptious fringe. Love the embroidery, it's just so spring like.
I have no idea of its age but the look is vintage. There are a few tiny discolorations, but they blend in with the flowers and one tiny hole , about 1/4". And the plus for stopping in at this shop is that she would like to carry my potpourri. So, I'll be bagging and labeling for the next few days. Hope this works out for the two of us. Going to start selling the potpourri loose in the hopes that it may stir up some interest.
My seedlings are outgrowing their little incubators. The sign in front of one of the farms close by read "The Peepers Say There Is One More Week Before Last Frost". So who am I to argue with the peepers???
Had a few people mention this past week that they were starting to see ants in their houses. A really safe way to keep them away is to put down cornmeal --completely safe for children and pets. The ants eat it but can't digest it, so a couple days later --all gone!
Read something really interesting, too. If you put a splash of vinegar on your broccoli, it makes 1/3 more calcium available to our bodies. Isn't that something? I tried it, I really liked the vinegar on it--okay, so I sprinkled some parmesean on it too! We women have to worry about these things, so you pick out a vinegar you like and start sprinkling your broccoli!
Have a wonderful rest of the week!


Christine said...

That shawl would look gorgeous draped over a comfy chair. It looks lovely.

I have heard about the cornmeal before, but thanks so much for reminding me. I have some ants who have returned, marching one by one, on my lower patio and I spent too much time last summer tearing out the slate and re-leveling it for them to be creating havoc underneath again.

Here ant-y, ant-y, ant-y, Auntie Christine has some yummy cornmeal for youuuuuuuuu.

hee hee.

Have a fun rest of the week!

Christine said...

Hi again Patricia!

I wanted to stop by again and invite you over to my blog. I'm having a fun contest you might enjoy.