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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Well, Life Got In The Way

I really was going to do the blog challenge, honest I was, but life got in the way. Hubs had a very bad time of it and has spent the last six days in the CCU at the local hospital. He is improving and is now on a regular floor as of yesterday. So between working and running to the hospital, writing was the last thing on my mind.
Yesterday, the weather was perfect, my mind was settled a bit knowing hubs was stable and I started a project. You mean any normal person wouldn't do that? Hmmmmmm..........
Well, I did it anyway and had a lot of fun! The essential oils are out, my house smells wonderful and I will have something new for everyone very soon! Watch out, world, I'm back ! (I hope)
Edited to add - there is a great contest going on at Mama's Pocketbook's blog. The chance to design your dream purse AND have it made up by Diane, purse maker extrordinaire! http://www.mamaspocketbook.blogspot.com
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Miss Magpies Shoppe said...

Hi, sweet Pat, I am glad your husband is better, take care.

Susie said...

Hi Pat! Taking on a new project and being so excited is a good stress reducer from your stressful week. I love to have the house smell so nice!
Susie, The Polka Dot Rose

Mary Patterson said...

Dearest Pat,
I LOVE your new project! I can well imagine the wonderful fragrance in your home now.
What a blessing that DH is now stable and you can breathe more easily.
Mary Patterson

Carolee Crafts said...

Welcome back Pat and I am so looking forward to seeing your new project. Crafting takes us to another world and can help with all situations in life. Have a wonderful week and take care of yourself.


lisa said...


Can't wait to see what you are up to.

Have a wonderful day.

gail said...

Hi Pat,, I hope you are having a great day! I cant wait to see what your new project is... I sure think I know what it is and I hope I am right! :)
Happy Creating,, dont keep us waiting too long.
I am sending happy vibes for your DH and you to have a nice peaceful week. (())

Kim Di Maggio said...

So glad to hear that your hubby is getting better!

There is just about nothing better than when you smell those wonderful scents. Just kind of makes you happy, doesn't it?

Take care, sweet Pat!


Angel Heart Designs said...

Hi! Pat..I hope DH days will be easier!
Funny you said, you don't camp, neither do I!! :) but were those trailers fun!!
Cindy (()) :)

Unknown said...

Hi Pat,

Just wanted to stop over and tell you that I was thinking of you and hope you are doing well. And I hope that each day that goes by God brings you alot of sunshine and roses.
Janets Creative Pillows