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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Is Here

These weeks are just flying by and here we are-Memorial Day weekend, the official start of summer time fun. This is always a bit melancholy for me thinking about all the servicemen in the past and all the young men and women who are out there right this minute as we have our barbecues. Many of my family have served, many of my high school friends served and so many of my children's friends are in the service of our country right now, my prayers and gratitude for them and their comrades that they stay safe through whatever they are facing right now. To all of you here at home, please have a safe weekend with the driving and fun times.
This week at Patricia Rose, have a few frilly and fancy things coming out. This week's Make Mine Pink Friday theme is Girly Finds. Can you imagine what we will see in the boutiques this week? Should be pretty awesome. Here is what I'm working on, in various stages of undone. Will be all pulled together by Friday, make sure to stop back and see what femininity shows up here!

Plans are already afoot for the Christmas in July Shop Hop. You know how much fun these are and what amazing prizes are available to be won. Mark your calendars, don't forget, see the logo off to the right? Just click right on there and it will take you to the Shop Hop Page to see the doings.
I showed you a few weeks ago the large doe that was coming in for coffee every morning. She had disappeared for about a week, then came back again but was very cautious and stayed close to the woods line. Well, look who has finally made an appearance! The picture is not very good but this little one moves so fast, there's no time for a redo. The fawn pops out, Mama makes a strange sound, stamps a foot and baby scampers back into hiding.
Have a wonderful week. It's a short one anyway, makes the weekend that much closer.


lisa said...


Love your post, hope your enjoying the holiday weekend.


gail said...

Hi Pat. I love seeing your new items. Sooo pretty! Perfect for this PF. I am enjoying the story of the mamma and baby deer:) That must be so awesome. I cant imagine living with wildlife in your yard.

I also have friends serving in Afghanastan and Iraq at this moment and I think of them often. I pray for an end to these wars and a safe return for everyones loved one.
Hugs, gail

Amore Artisan Boutique said...

What a wonderful story and a new life in the woods. I am so glad you are able to watch them hopefully you will watch the fawn grow up!
I spend this weekend every year as a tribute to our military that have been a large part of my life, to our police, firefighter's, medics and anyone who has the love of our country to fight and protect us.
I also still say a pray to the families of September 11th, that day will forever be etched into my soul!
I will go to the cemetery tomorrow to watch the memorial tribute of the fallen serviceman buried there (my father in law is in the military section and my place will be on his left and my mother in law will be on his right he knows we will be there when our lord calls us home) the cemetery always looks so beautiful with so many flags posted on Memorial Day. The 21-gun salute still gets me every year and brings tears to my eyes.
Have a peaceful weekend.
hugs sassy gail

Vera said...

Hi Pat,

Can't wait to see what you have to offer for "Girly Finds."

Enjoy your weekend.

Olivia Paige

Jacalyn @ rmebathproducts.com said...

Pat I can't wait for "girly finds!" Happy Memorial Day!


Marie said...

Hi pat,
You are working with lots of pretty things. Looking forward to seeing the finished products.

Kath' said...

I enjoyed the read here so much. I think your pretty things are going to be a hit.
I will return to see what you are up to next Show and Tell.
Have a wonderful day. kATH'

sandy said...

I'll have to be sure and check out the Christmas in July event!

We have deer around our home often and we really enjoy watching them! They like to eat the hostas though!

Can't wait to check out your store! sandy

Kim Di Maggio said...

Loved your story and am looking for more posts on the baby deer. They are just so cute!
Have a great one!