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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Moving My Work Room ----Again

I will find the perfect place to set up my work room yet. Thought I had it all figured out and lo and behold, I need that room as a bedroom again. Sheesh! So, one more time and, I swear, this is the last time. So, this week will be a week of moving everything one room over.
I was fortunate enough to find some very old bobbins from a weaving mill that has closed down. We have a wonderful group here in the Hudson Valley, Hudson Valley Merchandise Exchange, that rescues many, many things from going to the landfill. You have to check frequently because things come and go fairly quickly, but it is like a treasure hunt and sometimes I get incredibly lucky. The prices are very reasonable and it's for a great cause! Here is what I've done with some of the bobbins - candle holders!
I have a pair sitting on my mantle as well. I think they are fun and different, with the added plus of being recycled!
This week I have to get some serious garden clean up started. With the unusual warm days we had last week, quite a few weeds have awakened. Will manage to get some dandelions picked and make some dandelion fritters--yum! Chickweed is full of vitamins
The chives are up nicely and I have started harvesting those already. The more you use, the more you get. Even a small bunch will give you plenty. A nice way to use chives is to make a white chive, sauce (1 Tbl. butter, 1Tbl. flour- melt butter in pan mix in flour-you have just made a roux, don't you feel like a French chef??-stir in a cup of milk. Keep stirring until thickened, add in a small handful of snipped chives, a bit of salt and pepper and pour over cooked veggies. Garnish with a little fresh snipped chives and you're done. Carrots are great this way, but also green beans or wax beans)
It seems some little woodland creature had been very busy moving my little hyacinths around during the autumn. I have them all throughout the gardens and lawn, just not where I planted them! Little devils! It looks pretty anyway and I have to admit, I kind of liked the surprise. My poor gardens have been so neglected the past few years, maybe the critters decided I needed some help.
I have some Jenny wrens checking out the birdhouses by the patio, hope they move in. Just love them. I think it may be time to put out the bluebird houses too. I hear a whole lot of bird song everyday now.
Hope everyone has a wonderful, productive week. Make sure to make time to check what is growing around you, so many miracles happening this time of year! Talk to you soon,


Anonymous said...

Hi, Pat!
Thanks for stopping by my blog...we are finally springing into spring here at the shore!

Janet L Christian said...

I love those old bobbins too. Not been able to find any though -- still on the hunt.

lisa said...


Love the old bobbins, they are perfect for storing ribbon too! Good luck with the move, some before and after pics would be fun.

Thanks for the recipe, sounds delicious.

Have a great day.

Antique-Boutique said...

Oh, bobbins, love them! I have one I bought from a cash and carry gift mart that is 4 ft tall. Best plans are to make it into a lamp...someday!

I have lots of birds in my yard too. Just spotted my cardinal and mate! I need to get some houses up for the birds too.

Birds are so amazing! We left last years flowers in a kettle on the porch and the birds are taking pieces everyday to make their nests. It's a wonderful site to behold.

Thanks for sharing your story!


Anonymous said...

The bobbins are awesome~ lucky you~sorry you have to move the workroom again~S

gail said...

HI Pat, I love the old time spindles. They make great candle holders :) Thats funny about your critters redesigning your garden. LOL
I hope you have a peaceful week and get that studio moved once and for all! (()) gail