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Monday, April 26, 2010

A Busy Week Ahead

Well, the best laid plans go astray. The kitchen is not finished by a long shot. One thing after another kept cropping up during the week conspiring to keep me from my appointed rounds with the paint brush. Well, the kitchen is not going any where, so I will continue this project this week.

The annual Make Mine Pink Mother's Day Shop Hop has begun. Make sure you go register and start finding those shopping bags. Find the shopping bags to win some wonderful prizes while you do your shopping for Mother's Day. It's fun, it's easy and no purchase necessary. Always a good time! Just click on the above logo to go register.
This week's Make Mine Pink Friday theme is Blossoms and Blooms. The boutiques will be welcoming spring with a plethora of flowers! You don't want to miss this one!
Other fun news this week, there is a great give away going on over at My Hydrangea Home. An absolutely gorgeous hand crafted tassel of your choice to be given away in a few days, don't miss your chance at winning one of these.
I read a nifty trick this week over at the Essential Herbal site. You can pick some fresh lilacs. Remove the blossoms and add them to some sugar in a closed container overnight. The sugar will pick up the lilac fragrance and is a lovely addition to herbal tea. I tried it and it is really nice. A little sip of spring time.
As you do your planting this month, try a little catnip. Talk about your multipurpose herb. First off, ants are not terribly fond of this and it does an excellent job of repelling the little pesties. Second, catnip tea is wonderful. Dry your own, keep in an air tight container and you're all set to brew a cup when you want. Third, your cat will flip (literally) over this. Again, dry and put in little play things for your furbaby. Cats aren't picky about the way their catnip is delivered. Just tie some up in a muslin bag and watch the fun begin!
This week, I was spending a lot of time visiting with my hubby at the nursing home and had some time to get in some crocheting. Look at what I have come up with! They will go on the website today at some point and will be sold with a lovely jar of bath salts. Perfect pampering gift for Mom or yourself. These rose bath scrubbies are made of 100% cotton, hand crafted by moi and are nice for gentle exfoliation.

Well, I best be off for now to tackle the painting. Hope to have some kitchen photos for you next week (cross your fingers for me). Have a wonderful week,


lisa said...

Love the scrubbies, they are cute!

gail said...

Hi Pat:),,, I am sorry the kitchen isnt done yet. I guess all in good time! The rose crocheted scrubbies are just adorable. Good luck with the shop hop. I always look forward to them.
Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my contest. Good Luck:)
Happy creating and have a pretty day, gail

Unknown said...

Hi Pat!

I love when you visit me. Thanks a million for your sweet comment. I am thrilled to visit you. You have always been such a sweet person. I just looove the scrubbies! So adorable. The Shop Hop is alot of fun. I truly hope you are doing well. Have a fanastic week pinkie.

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Kath' said...

Pat I do not envy you and painting. It really puts me down in bed for days.
I love all ofyour tid bits for us.I love the scrbbies too. My mom just loves them. Will you be selling them without bathsalts.
I see you went and entered my blog contest.Come and read Pats blog, check, leave comment, check wish her a wonderful week, check.
Have a wonderful week. You gave me a laugh this morning. Send your friends to enter my blog contest oo at www.lilbitoldlilbitnew.blogspot.com
TTYS Kath'