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Monday, March 29, 2010

Look Who Woke Up!

While waiting for the dogs to finish chasing leaves, protecting me from songbirds flying overhead and being generally goofy, look what I found! Newly awakened and looking divine after the winter's beauty sleep.........hmmm, after three tries here, blogger has decided it didn't like my photo of my first daffodil. I will try again later. She is looking gorgeous though!
**Edited to say, here she is! Blogger is being friendlier tonight, lol. Also got the link to work, sheesh!
That sure put a smile on my face. The first daffodil to pop open this spring here at the ol' homestead. I guess we are really and truly coming out of the winter. I'm ready!

Time to start packing away the winter sweaters, coats, scarves and gloves. Don't forget to make sure that everything is super clean before packing up and a good idea is to pack in a fragrant herbal clothing protector sachet with each precious sweater! (click on the word sachet to be taken to Patricia Rose to see these, Blogger is just being a pain with this post) At Patricia Rose, these are the ones we make and use. They have a pleasing fragrance but the moths are just not fond of it at all.

Spring cleaning is upon us and if you are like me, the bookcases are a major chore. After getting all the books dusted and replaced on the shelves, a small packet of patchouli behind every six books or so will prevent silverfish from infesting the area and munching on the glue of the bindings. It's so much easier to prevent an infestation than to try and get rid of the little pesties one they have invaded!

Have a wonderful week all,



lisa said...

Pat ~

My first daffodils have finally opened too, I just love them.

Thanks for the great post.


gail said...

I am sorry blogger didnt like your photo! But I am so glad you enjoyed your early spring present! It really is the simple things that are important.
I hope you have a pretty day.
(()) gail

Vera said...

Pat -

Oh, I wish we could have seen the pics of the daffodil. Don't they just make you smile? Such a cheery flower.

Our jonquils opened a few weeks ago but this last snow zapped them! No daffodils yet.

I need to go check out your fragrant pks. I've got to start putting away the winter clothes too. And last year they (the moths) got one of my good jackets! Yikes!


Vera said...


Just thought I would let you know. The link for the sachets is not working. I will just go to your site.


Carolee Crafts said...

Love Spring and I think we could all do with it this year. The daffodils always look such happy flowers and yes spring clean is a must. Thank you for sharing Pat and have a good week

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...


Wow, I bet the daffodils will be pretty when all are in full bloom!

Have a great week!

Pei Li

Mary Patterson said...

Hi sweet Pat,
Love those daffodils! So sorry 'Blogger' didn't at first, but glad they came through - both the ground & in the pics! I love the bright fresh color of those first Spring flowers that bloom!
Mary P