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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Show and Tell Monday, June 8, 2009

My table at The Art Tour in Pine Bush, New York

Well, I fell off the face of the earth there for a bit. Life had gotten terribly busy and trying to fit in a bit of time to write was just not in the cards. I participated in the Pine Bush Art Tour on Saturday, June 6. The weather cooperated and the day was spectacular. Many artists came out and set up displays and it was the opening day of our Farmer's Market (I got the sweetest local strawberries which I kept munching on all day and the nicest fresh leaf lettuce, yum). I met a number of interesting artists and hope to be able to continue those relationships. The disappointing part of the day was the lack of foot traffic. Many, many drove through and glanced but very few parked to see what was there. Unfortunately, many of the artists will probably think twice about doing this again. It is all well and good to bemoan the fact that local Main Streets are going the way of the dinosaur but if we as the 'locals' don't support our own Main Street, there is very little room to complain. The Chamber of Commerce coordinated the entire Tour and advertised it in the papers and on line, posters were everywhere and yet relatively few turned out to support the local stores and artists who had put an incredible amount of effort into putting on a really special event. So much for my social commentary, just my observations of a day that was fun but a little disappointing at the same time. Here are a few photos of the booths that were at storefronts close to my spot.

So, out to the garden. The chive blossoms have been harvested and are busy infusing into vinegar. Should be a gorgeous color this year, looks nice already. Found some pretty bottles with corks that I am going to use to decant the vinegar into. I think I will dip the cork and top edge of the bottle into wax to seal well for storage. Think that will look pretty. maybe a little piece of lavender ribbon pressed onto the wax as a finishing touch.
I have got so many flowers pressing right now. Can't wait to start crafting with those. Have a few ideas that I want to try out. Make sure to make use of your edible flowers. A flower or two pressed onto cheese is so pretty, sugared flowers are so nice for cupcake decorations-just looks so exotic.
As your herbs are getting large enough to harvest, a nice easy dip is one part cream cheese to one part mayonnaise. Snip up small a nice mix of fresh herbs and mix them in, whichever ones are pleasing to you. A few crackers or pretzels and you have a gourmet snack!
Take a peek at the right side bar. You will notice a new member seal there for Nashville Boutiques. I am quite excited about this. I have been able to become a front page member of this brand new on-line shopping mall. The first ad will be in Cottage and Bungalow to hit the stands July 26. Keep your eyes out for it! Please take a look at this new site, I think you will really like it! www.nashvilleboutiques.com
Have a wonderful productive week all, talk to you soon,


Anonymous said...

Looks like it would have been a fun day...too bad the foot traffic was not there...I am sure a lot of folks had no clue...did they "twitter" it? LOL

But, hey! you got strawberries...the second crop has been super sweet!

Lisa McDonald said...


Well it's there loss for not stopping. I'm glad you were able to make some contacts though, that's fantastic. Sounds like you enjoyed the strawberries. The tables around you had lovely products. Good luck in your new venture at Nashville Boutiques.


Lynette Larson - Campbell said...

You HAVE been busy!!! The stands all looked so nice! Happy harvesting and preserving!

Susie said...

Hi Pat! Your display looks lovely as do all the others. Sorry to hear the foot traffic was slow. Great ideas for herb dips. Nice show and tell Pat!
The Polka Dot Rose

Patty said...

Love strawberries. I wish you had some more shoppers but your table had some great goodies, I would have grab some.

Kimberly said...

Sorry there wasn't much foot traffic, but glad you had a good day and the strawberries sound yummy!
Kim http://thehopechestblog.blogspot.com/

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Pat,

It does look like you have been keeping yourself very busy!!
Your display stand looks lovely!
I wished I can see how you preserve the flowers and make use of the edible ones too. That sounds so interesting!

Have a happy week!

Pei Li

SoCal Helene said...

Pat, your display looked wonderful! Sorry to hear that not that many people showed up, they sure missed out! The vinegar sounds delicious! Good luck with your new boutique at Nashville Boutiques.


Carolee Crafts said...

Your stall looks so pretty,can almost smell the scents, sorry about the lack of foot traffic. A friend did a fair here this weekend and did not make her rent back.

Your recipes sound lovely and I will certainly give this a try.

Congratulations on the new shopping site.

gail said...

Hi Pat,,, its to bad the traffic was not so good because it looked like an awesome show! The strawberries made the better I am sure! Your table looked terrific!
Have a pretty week, hugs,gail

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Sorry about the bad foot traffic. I sure would have liked to go to something like that.
Best of luck and congrats on Nashville Boutiques!
bunny hugs,

Cottage Flair said...

Sounds like a fun day but so sad not many customers. It really seems to be going that way with craft shows and such. They used to be so busy! Now everyone is to busy to take the time to browse and appreciate others work.
Thanks for the herb, cheese recipes. They sound good.
Congrats on your new venture.

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Hi Pat,
Sounds like you enjoyed the fair - too bad there weren't more customers. Good luck with Nashville Boutiques. I will check it out!

Unknown said...

Pat, I started to write a comment about your blog. But then I went to check NB new front page. Then I read your guest blog and finally, a twit you did. Girl you have really been marketing yourself! Now about five hours later - I'm back again to comment! I'm sorry about your Main Street event, I would have loved it. Your table looked so nice. Hugs, Tedi

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